Dana and Alaskan Troubadour Susan Grace

AK Susan Grace & Dana Salmonstock

Susan Grace and Dana at the Salmonstock Festival, Ninilchik, Alaska (with Mavis Muller’s salmon sculptures).

“Susan Grace is a singer-songwriter from Alaska whose inspirational folk music celebrates Hope. Reverence for the earth, celebrating connections as community, uplifting spirits, and the joys and challenge of living are the inspiration for Susan and her songs.” For more info about Susan and her music, visit her website: http://www.ptialaska.net/~blackdog/grace.htm



Artist Mavis Muller and Dana at Salmonstock

Mavis & Dana salmon sculptures Salmonstock

Artist Mavis Muller, her amazing salmon sculptures, and Dana at the Salmonstock Festival in Ninilchik, Alaska (August 2013).

“Through the art forms of contemporary basketry, photography, poetry and storytelling comes the voice of the natural world. Mavis Muller is a story weaver. As she weaves intricate baskets using consciously gathered natural materials, she introduces the grasses, plants, trees, and landscapes as carriers of messages, stories, and earthly blessings.” See more of Mavis’ art here:  http://www.mavismullerart.com/

The Man Who Stares at Cockatoos

(Dana’s friend feeding bread to the cockatoos on her porch. Photos from his Australia tour.)