Dana Lyons

“A current day Pete Seeger”
The Bellingham Herald


Best known for his global comedy hit “Cows With Guns” which went to #2 on Australia’s Country Charts and remained on Ireland’s Top 40 for six months, Dana Lyons is a singer, guitarist and recording artist who has toured the world for thirty years promoting environmental and social justice causes.

Watch “Cows With Guns” animation and claymation
(over ten million views on YouTube)


Dana has toured in 48 of the 50 American states, throughout Australia, and across Ireland, England, New Zealand, Canada, Kazahkstan, Patagonia and Siberia. Dana performs at festivals ranging from Farm Aid with Willie Nelson and Neil Young, to the Harley Davidson Festival in Sturgis, South Dakota. His policy of “I’ll play anywhere once” has landed Dana gigs on a tropical island in the Great Barrier Reef, an Irish Pub in Beijing and the Hanford Nuclear Waste Dump in his home state of Washington.

“One of the finest performers I’ve ever seen.”
Dean Evenson, Co-Founder Soundings of the Planet


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Dana’s concerts are a blend of comedy, beautiful ballads, and fascinating stories of the road: from the myriad of global tours he has conducted. His beautiful singing voice and fun outrageous performances are great for the whole family.

“Every performance is a celebration of life on earth, fueled by Dana’s infectious music, sharp wit, keen observation and warm heart. Prepare to laugh, sing and renew your appreciation for the earth we all call home.”
Claudia Kienholz, Seattle Folklore Society


Dana has ten albums to date including his latest “Cracks In The Heartland” and an album with world-renowned Jane Goodall “Circle the World” which features Goodall telling stories and Dana singing related songs.

The Great Salish Sea (music video)

Circle the World (listen)


Dana Lyons & Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall & another great ape (Photo by Mary Lewis)


Listen to Dana’s albums


Award Winning Books

Two of Dana’s songs have been made into award-winning illustrated books: Cows With Guns, published by Penguin, and The Tree, published by Illumination Arts. The Tree was endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, has forwards by Pete Seeger and Julia Butterfly Hill.

The Tree (illustrations)


Music Videos

Love Song to Jane
(honoring Jane Goodall on her 90th birthday)

Cows With Guns 
(comedy, animation)

The Great Salish Sea
(about effect of large fossil fuel export ships on orca whales)

Salmon Come Home
(about Athabaskan fight to stop coal mines in Alaskan rivers)

Label GMO Disco
(parody of YMCA, about labeling GMOs in foods)

ballad about communities standing up against mile long coal and oil export trains)

Cane Toad Muster
(comedy about the tragedy of the invasive cane toads wiping out Australian wildlife)


Dana graduated from Swarthmore College and lives in Bellingham, Washington when he’s not on the road. His astrological sign is Taurus.


“Every movement has its minstrel. The unions had Woody Guthrie. The peace movement had Phil Ochs. The environmental movement has Dana Lyons.”
—Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


You can hear Dana’s tunes and see his videos at

Dana Lyons
PO Box 2627
Bellingham, WA 98227