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Dana Lyons Concerts for Young People

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A unique opportunity for teachers and students to augment environmental education curriculum with humor and song. Combining beautiful and insightful songwriting, great humor, and stories of environmental restoration from around the planet, Dana’s performances are unforgettable and inspirational… a springboard for kids (and teachers) to get excited about nature and their community. Working with Dana, you can create a fun and fact-filled forum for students and teachers to learn more about our Earth home, and exchange ideas on how to design, implement and participate in community and environmental projects.

“Dana Lyons’ upbeat tempo and offbeat lyrics connect with the kid in all of us, high school student as well as high school teacher.”
— Harry Leavitt, Advisor, Mercer Island High School

“Dana’s performance was outstanding. He is a gifted and talented entertainer. The music was excellent and appropriate for this age group. There were many opportunities for students to sing along. His humor and stage presence kept our students interested and involved. This was a professional performance staged and orchestrated by an artist who takes pride in what he does. Every student should have the opportunity to see Dana Lyons. This assembly will be the highlight of the year!”
– Ed Johnson, Principal, Edison Elementary School

At Night They Howl at the Moon: Environmental Songs for Kids

At Night They Howl at the Moon CD cover

By Dana Lyons and John Seed

The fun and spontaneous energy of Dana’s music is captured in this live, summer camp performance.

“At Night They Howl at the Moon is an absolute delight that rekindles our love for life and our passion for saving it.”
–John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America

“Don’t miss this one! Great environmental songs for children, with catchy tunes, great vocals and infectious high energy of live performance. It radiates sheer fun!”
—Heartsong Review

for Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Dana Lyons & Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall & another great ape (Photo by Mary Lewis)

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MEETS SCHOOLS’ NEEDS: Dana designs assemblies and classes to specifically meet individual school’s needs. Assemblies can range from thirty minutes to one hour, with or without a post-performance discussion. Teachers may arrange individual or group classroom performances. Dana welcomes the opportunity to work with special ability groups.

FLEXIBLE CURRICULUM: Dana can speak and sing about a school identified theme or a variety of environmental and community topics including recycling, stream and habitat restoration, rainforest ecology, marine mammals, and organic gardening.

EMPHASIS ON STUDENT INVOLVEMENT: The main focus of Dana’s program is to encourage students to get involved in their community. Dana shares stories about young people all over the world taking part in community and environmental projects. He works with teachers to build enthusiasm among students to design, implement and participate in local programs.

25 Years of Environmental Education Experience

Performer of assemblies and classes throughout America and around the world:

  • Artist in Residence with the Washington State Arts Commission and also presenter with the Cultural Enrichment Program.
  • Performer with Snohomish County’s Waste Reduction Education Program
  • Recording artist with eight albums, including a children’s environmental album “At Night They Howl at the Moon.”

“Dana’s enthusiasm, knowledge and ideas on recycling were excellent and helped make us aware of how we can reduce waste here at school and at home. The program was wonderful, and we will be looking forward to Dana’s return next year.”
–Gail Thompson, Principal, Trafton Elementary School, Arlington, WA

“As I sat among the crowd of 200 highschool students from over 20 different schools, I was instantly captivated by Dana. His engaging smile, witty lyrics, sometimes wacky antics, his musicality. He communicated his environmental message with humor and conviction. I wondered if the highschoolers were as connected as I. I looked around. They were. My students and I approached Dana after the performance. We invited him to our school. He came. We invited him back. We can’t imagine tiring of time with Dana…”
— Harry Leavitt, Advisor, Mercer Island High School

Contact Dana at this email address:

dana (at)