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By joining Dana’s Patreon team you get access to early releases of songs and videos, behind the scenes footage, Patreon only performances and blogposts, and host of different benefits.  Patreon is a website where folks can support their favorite artists.  You join with a credit card and choose which monthly level you prefer.

Your support on Patreon helps fund Dana’s music videos, allows Dana more time for song writing, and supports his in person and on-line performances as well as his work on environmental and social justice campaigns.

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Drop of Water Fund (for tax deductible donations)

Drop Of Water Fund

You can make tax deductible donations supporting Dana’s music and environmental organizing work through the Drop of Water Fund.  The Drop of Water Fund is a 501c3 non-profit group dedicated to supporting environmental education and community service projects.  The Drop of Water Fund has helped fund some of Dana’s music videos like “Love Song to Jane”, “The Great Salish Sea”, and “Salmon Come Home”.  The Drop of Water Fund has also helped fund Dana doing environmental education programs at schools.





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