Where To Buy Yard Signs

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Our yard sign campaign is just cranking up.  We will add places where you can purchase  signs (at cost) as volunteers step forward. (see list of places below)

We sell them at cost:  $6/sign + donation when you pick up signs from our volunteers.  We don’t have funding (yet) to give signs away for free.

We need volunteers to sell/give out signs in towns throughout Washington, Oregon & Idaho.  To do this, you purchase some signs from Dana or another volunteer, and then re-sell them, or give them away. See How to Purchase and Pass Out Yard Signs  If you’re interested, contact Dana and we’ll try to find a driver that is heading your way or you can pick them up from one of our volunteers.
Contact:  dana (@) cowswithguns . com


How to Purchase and Pass Out Yard Signs


Places to Purchase Yard Signs
(listed in alphabetical order by town or island name)

dana @ cowswithguns . com

Port Townsend
noop4orcas @ gmail.com

Whidbey Island
howard @ orcanetwork . org

Yard Sign Home Page

How To Purchase and Pass Out Yard Signs

Contribute So We Can Buy Yard Signs and Give Them Away For Free

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