How To Purchase And Pass Out Yard Signs

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Yard Signs Cost $6 Each
We are selling yard signs at cost: $6 each. (When we buy 100 yard signs and stakes it costs around $600) No one is making profit on this (except the sign printer and stake maker). Everyone on the yard sign team is a volunteer.

Give ‘em Away, Or Ask For Donations To Help Cover The Cost
Some people might choose to buy a bunch of signs and give them all away. Some people might choose to ask folks for donations to help cover the cost of the signs. If you’re asking for donations you might want to suggest a $6-$20 donation, with the extra money being used to put up free signs, perhaps on busier roads.

It’s Best To Put Up Yard Sign On Private Property (ask permission)
We recommend that you ONLY put signs up on private property where you have the permission of the owner or renter. The signs are more likely to stay up a long time on private property.

Quiet Streets Are Great, Busy Roads Are Best
While signs on quiet roads are great, strategically the most important places for the signs are on busy roads. Ask your friends if they know folks who live on busy roads who might want a sign.

Distributing Signs During a Pandemic (how to):
Contact All Your Orca and Salmon Loving Friends
Due to the pandemic we cannot go door to door asking folks if they would like signs. We suggest that you contact your orca and salmon loving friends, and ask if they would like a sign.

Where To Buy Yard Signs

Yard Sign Home Page

Contribute So We Can Buy Yard Signs and Give Them Away For Free

Great Website For Information About the Lower Snake River Dams, Salmon and Orca

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