Dana’s New Music Video “Ride The Lawn”

I’m happy to announce my new music video Ride The Lawn, co-directed by cinematographer Taiming YuenJames and myself. Ride The Lawn includes a cameo appearance by my father, Herbert Lyons, and was filmed on location in my backyard and my neighbor’s backyard, as well as on Windy Acre Farms in Bellingham, Washington, USA. No moles or dandelions were harmed in the production of this film.

Watch Ride The Lawn on YouTube.

Ride The Lawn Credits

Co-Directored by Taiming YuenJames and Dana Lyons

Cast in Order of Appearance
Suburban Cowboy Wannabe Dana Lyons
Black Horse Black
Goats Noggin and Nibbler
Running Horses Rusty, Starlight and Moonshadow
Suburban Lawn Guy Dana Lyons
Slacker Neighbor Dana Lyons
Suburban Lawn Guy (in camo) Dana Lyons
Mole Untamed unnamed mole of the wild
Father of Suburban Lawn Guy Herbert Lyons Jr.

Cinematographer Taiming YuenJames
Goat Wrangler Sonja Wingard
Horse Wrangler Sonja Wingard
Grip Jeremiah Ridenour
Tractor Wrangler Tedd Judd
Tractor Mechanic Bobbie DeBoard
Catering Dr. Frank James
Hairstylist Toby-Lyn Heaven, Sandalwood Salon

Awesome airy hippie pants provided by Kiko Anderson
Saddle and farm coat provided by Sonja Wingard
Tractor and binoculars provided by Bobbie DeBoard and Tedd Judd
Ammo cans and blasting cap boxes provided by Anonymous

Special thanks to Jiasong Yuen and Frank James.

Filmed on location at Windy Acres Farm, Tedd and Bobbie’s back yard, and Dana’s back yard, Bellingham, Washington USA