At Night They Howl at the Moon CD cover

At Night They Howl at the Moon (Autographed CD)


Fun environmental songs for kids by Dana Lyons & John Seed recorded live by Bob Conger on a portable VHS Hi-Fi recording system at Camp Orkila (Orcas Island, Washington) and Camp Nor’Wester (Lopez Island, Washington).

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“Now picture this: With the sun setting behind us across the exquisite San Juan Islands, Bob Conger set up in a little makeshift recording booth by the stage, we watched as 300 totally energetic kids streamed into their places on four tiers of logs, faces glowing expectantly in the orange rays. With the lap of water drifting up from the clean clear bay 20 feet away, water that had tuned these kids up to perfection in a day of swimming and kayaking and unimaginable adventure, their energy was so powerful it blew our circuits. Imagine: Dana forgot the words of the chorus TWICE on our first take of Animal.”  –John Seed


(Click on song title to see lyrics and more info about the song.)

  1. I Am An Animal (4:44)
  2. Lay Down Your Whopper Baby (2:17)
  3. Dead Ducks (3:34)
  4. We Don’t Want to Live in the Zoo (2:25)
  5. Their Brains Were Small
    and They Died
  6. Mosquito Party (2:12)
  7. Have to Have a Habitat (2:35)
  8. Recycle Wrap (2:35)
  9. Howling (:21)
  10. Expanding Universe (2:16)
  11. Sea Shepherd (4:36)
  12. No More Bunya Nuts (2:43)
  13. Willy the Wombat (3:49)
  14. The Tree (4:30)
  15. Soft Eyes (4:11)