Three Legged Coyote

Artist: Dana Lyons
Release Date: 10-31-2009

About Album

Produced by Casey Neill, the album is deeply influenced by Dana’s tours in the Australian Outback and in Chile’s Patagonia, including two songs from each of these regions. The album includes three comedy tunes “How I Miss Your Dog“, “Grandma’s Up in Heaven, Giving Hell to God“, and “Blameless“. Released 2009.


1. Crazy Cowboy 5:02
2. Big Rolling Country 4:28
3. Three Legged Coyote 5:00
4. How I Miss Your Dog 3:06
5. Good Morning World 4:07
6. Grandma's Up In Heaven Giving Hell To God 3:19
7. My Tiny Room 5:28
8. The Green And Blue 6:52
9. Patagonia Dam Song 4:50
10. Blameless 3:35
11. Sweet New Orleans 7:26