Buffalo Field Campaign Wood Cutting Week

Thursday, September 11, 2014. 7:00 pm.

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Buffalo Field Campaign

West Yellowstone,
West Yellowstone, MT

Come help the Buffalo Field Campaign cut wood to heat their cabins and teepees for the 50-below-zero winter weather in Yellowstone. It shouldn’t be 50 below in September. :-) And enjoy an evening concert with Dana at one of the most inspiring activist action camps in North America.

Concert after dinner sometime, maybe 7ish?

Help the buffalo run free!

Run free with the buffalo!


Wild Bison Calf at Play
A wild baby buffalo in Yellowstone National Park shows what life should be like for the gentle giants, wherever they roam. This little guy ran around for about four minutes, stopping momentarily, then would blast off again. Video by independent filmmaker and wild bison advocate, Keith Fialcowitz. Music by the legendary U2.