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World in Silence


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Ted Schadler: Bass


Words by Dana Lyons
Music by Dana Lyons, Jessie Wolf Hardin and Ted Schadler

Some mornings I awake to silence
Nothing stirring, and the streets are quiet
No water runs, and no motors humming
No one speaking, and no distant drumming

If I listen closely, I hear can hear the silence
Like the world in silence again
Like the silver mountains, and the falling river
Like the world in silence again

Sometimes I go to far off places
Dark green forests, wide open spaces
No one knows, no one can find me
Though they may try to remind me
That my dawn is ending, everyone returning
To the rhythmic noises again
To the tall glass buildings, where no windows open
To a world of silence again

Once I dreamed that I could not go there
No sun shining, no falling snow there
The mountain burned, the sea was frozen
The green turned gray, the sky was broken
And I woke up gasping, and I smelled the river
And the silver mountains again
If I listen closely I can hear the silence
Like a world in silence again

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI