Wild Happy Ride


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Bob Conger: Drums
Paul Elliott: Fiddle
Jack Hansen: Banjo
Carla Rutschman: Tuba
Barry Ulman: Clarinet


By Dana Lyons

Won’t you please take my friends on a wild, happy ride
Through that open countryside where it’s so good to be alive
Where the ocean meets the sand, in our green rainy land
Take this woman and this man for a wild happy ride

Well if anyone’s to blame, it’s old Saddam Hussein
They met at a peace dance in the war
They built a little shack with the forest just out back
And that’s where they learned what love is for

Well someone said to me “Hey life ain’t just easy,
There’s ups and downs and things that can go wrong
There’s wars, disease and death, credit cards and morning breath
Those nights the playoff won’t come on your TV”

In old times we roamed the land in hunter gatherer clans
We shared the jobs and joys of this good life
Now we’re your family and your close community
You should always call on us when you need help

May you have so many friends, may your laughter never end
May the rising river never reach your house
May you dance all night long to that sweet romantic song
May you always have a crush upon your spouse

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI