Water in Nevada


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Teri Benshoof: Cello
Bob Conger: Engineer


By Dana Lyons

Sunrise over the desert, pink on a blue sky
Looks like a flower, an opening flower

Your eyes looking in my eyes, asking a question
Out on the sand, she touches my hand

And I can see mountains, I can see the valleys
They’re purple and blue against the sky, and so very dry

But she says there’s water, water in Nevada
Hidden in the desert, buried deep underground
In a river below, and it all comes from cold mountain snow

And I can see grasses, I can see the cactus
I can hear the nighthawk diving down
From the clouds to the ground
Then her singing is the only sound

I hear her breathing and know she is sleeping
We lie in the desert under the stars, so very far
Waiting for sunrise over the desert
Pink on a blue sky, looks like a flower
An opening flower

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI