The Company’s Been Good to Me


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Dana Lyons: Guitar, Harmonica and Vocal
Peter Barnes: Drums
Paul Gabrielson: Bass


By Dana Lyons

The Company’s been good to us
My father said to me as we sped down the highway
Toward the great cement building there
With tubes and with needles they would open up his bi-ways

They put you and your sister through school
Your mother never had to work if she didn’t want to
And the two weeks paid vacation didn’t hurt at all
Each summer we would take you kids camping by the lakeside

The Company’s been good to me
I can’t believe they didn’t tell me all that they knew
The Company wouldn’t lie to me
But now that I can’t work I don’t know what I’m going to do for you

You head home and take care of your mom
You know I hate to see her cry and causing a commotion
Go ahead and give the Company a call
The least that they can do is give my boy a small promotion

I don’t know how I got to feel like this
I guess it’s just the stuff that I’ve been breathing through these years
I’ve been so strong and healthy all my life
I never thought a little bit of dust was gonna kill me

Two hours later my daddy was dead
The company’s been good to us was all my momma said

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI