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Sweet New Orleans


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Paul Brainard: Trumpet & Brass Arrangement
Steve Drizos: Drums
Adam East: Bass
Reggie Houston: Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Paul Mazzio: Trumpet
Casey Neill: Electric Guitar
David Pulliam: Hammond B3 Organ
Bruce Withycomb: Baritone Saxophone


By Dana Lyons

No one saw it coming, no one could foresee
No one saw the pattern, no one paid the fee
No one pushed the button, and no one made the call
No one fixed the levies, and no one saw them fall

My father played the guitar, Grandfather played the sax
I wish I’d grabbed their instruments, but I had to find the ax
We were stuck inside the attic, with the water’s steady rise
I smashed a hole out through the shingles, but my neighbors lost their lives

And underneath a wall of water Atlantis came to be
The accordions were silenced, pianos buried in debris
When a city’s like a lover, leaves my broken heart and me
Will I know you when I see you Sweet New Orleans

In the convention center, my Grandmother and me
The smell was overpowering, she rested on the seats
We knew they’d come to help us, the water and the food
The medicine she needed, we knew that they’d come soon

No one saw it coming, no one could foresee
The great storm generations, the mega-weather centuries
On the lake shores of Algonquin, the elders tell their kin
The prophecy of hurricanes seven times the strongest wind

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI