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Song for Rod Coronado


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Frogs: Frogs in pond by studio, March Moon


By Dana Lyons

Sometimes the world gets crazy
And everything is going wrong
I watch you raise your hand to some injustice
You break the spell with some forbidden song

Then all at once our lives they seem to crumble
And the walls that held our dreams come crashing down
And I look and find you caught inside of cages
As I wander through this sad old prison town

But we’ll go running in the wind
Go swimming in the sea
We’ll sit there with our friends and we’ll play guitars
And we’ll sing in harmony
We’ll pray upon the mountain
We’ll climb the tallest tree
Always waiting for the day when they open that door
And you’ll walk free

In a time that’s ruled by fear and alienation
In an era where the living kill the land
You were of the few who had the courage
To free the helpless ones with your own hands

You cut the wire that held the claws of eagles
You taught the lion how to hunt again
So they sent their secret soldiers out to trap you
The man who frees the animals in chains

I hope you know how proud we all are of you
The kids all say that they will do the same
You stood up for the rights of all her creatures
You risked your life to heal another’s pain

Today another warrior is taken
Tonight another wild creature penned
Tomorrow I’ll keep working here to free you
And soon we’ll dance our freedom dance again

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI