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Sea Shepherd


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
John Seed: Vocal


By Dana Lyons

So we sail the oceans, the Earth from end to end
For the whales and dolphins and all our water friends
To protect life’s beauty we do what we must do
On the proud Sea Shepherd we defend the ocean blue

On the ice floes of Newfoundland the snow was stained with blood
From the dead baby harp seals that fur traders killed with clubs
So the new Sea Shepherd broke ice and moved ahead
They confronted the seal boats and painted white seals red

The pirate ship Sierra for years had slaughtered whales
No government would stop her or halt her bloody trail
So across the Atlantic the Shepherd tracked them down
And they rammed the Sierra and chased them into town

Came the word from Iceland they’d defy the whaling ban
So two brave Sea Shepherds went north to take a stand
And they found two whale boats unguarded and unlocked
And they opened up the seacocks and sank them at the dock

The dolphins of Florida were trapped to put in zoos
Surrounded by Sea World’s nets there was nothing they could do
So the bold Sea Shepherds, they jumped into the sea
And they held down the net floats and set the dolphins free

Still the whaling continues while harbors turn to brown
They slaughter the dolphins, destruction all around
So to all destroyers this message we do send
When we meet on the high seas, we’ll take you on again

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI