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Patagonia Dam Song


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Hanz Araki: Vocal
Paul Brainard: Pedal Steel
Jesse Emerson: Bass
Casey Neill: Twelve-String Guitar


By Dana Lyons

I was only thirteen when they killed the presidente
We left for Argentina when my uncle disappeared
They rounded up the unions, professors and our leaders
They ran out anybody who would try and help the poor

My name is Ricardo
And I am Patagonia
I was born and raised here
Like my grandfathers before
The horsemen drinking mate
On that endless rushing river
They belong to Patagonia
And the people who live here

Seventeen long years later
We rid ourselves of the dictator
In his final months in power
He robbed our country blind
He gave away the rights
To our glacial mountain rivers
To his pals in corporations
The new kings of the land

No one can own a waterfall
No one can own the sky
And I’ve seen the desperate sickness
In the rich men who would try
No one can own the seeds of life
On which we all survive
Forever Patagonia
May your rivers run free and wild

And now the price of power
Is going through the ceiling
They see a chance for money
Taken from our land
A European company
With a front man here in Chile
They smile and offer promises
As they try to build the dams

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI