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Native Forest Song


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal


By Dana Lyons

When the trees are gone, who will brush against the sky?
And when their leaves are gone, will there be any birds to fly?
When the forest disappears, will there be any place to hide?
For the owl and the bear, is there anything left behind?

So today we end the silence and speak out for the trees
We’ll save the native forests of America
People across the land, now we take a stand
To see the native forests live forever

And for the thousand-year-old fir, is this the final hour?
And for the redwood and the cedar, will they feel the chainsaw’s power?
And in just twenty years, will our children read in books
About the ancient forests and wonder how they looked?

For the life or death of forests, who will make the choice?
And for all the threatened species, who will raise their voice?
In all climates and all countries, will we sing in many tongues
For the waters of the forest, for the air that fills our lungs?

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI