Cows With Guns Album Cover

My Country (1996)


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Paul Elliott: Fiddle
Jack Hansen: Banjo
John Nelson: Engineer
Recorded at Crow Studio, Seattle, Washington


Lyrics by Dana Lyons
Music by Dana Lyons, Jessie Wolf Hardin and Ted Schadler

I was born inside a hospital
With a nine-digit number code
I pledged allegiance to the flag
When I was only four years old
The first thing that I learned in school
Is we are a country free
When bad forces attack our land
I’ll fight for my country

I joined the scouts when I was twelve
And put on a uniform
I learned there how to fold the flag
And how the look of a proud man was worn
We camped in the mountains, deserts, and plains
We hiked through the giant trees
And I saw God in the beauty there
I’ll fight for my country

With a heavy pack and a cluttered mind
A young man walks all alone
Six thousand miles away he finds
For the first time that he feels at home
And he laughs to himself as he faces his fear
In the land of the mighty grizzly
It once was like this everywhere
I’ll fight for my country

Now I love this river, love this land
And I love my green mountain home
And when they come to cut the forest here
They won’t be fighting me alone
Cause the wildlands are the places we go
To remember what it means to be free
When bad forces attack our land
I’ll fight for my country

Copyright 1996 by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI