Music Off the Moonlight


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Dana Lyons:  Guitar, Harmonica, and Vocal
Dan Mohler:  Bass


By Dana Lyons

One bowl and a glass
Sitting at an empty table
The pan on the stove is steaming
The evening seems long
The orange sky is turning red now
My thoughts turn to you at sundown

And I sing to you bouncing music off the moonlight
I sing to you through the stars
I sing to you though my words will never reach you
My love is always with you where you are

The night sky is clear, I can feel your breath, your heartbeat
A cold northern wind is blowing
A well-worn guitar, strumming out a thousand feelings
All sent to you, I’m calling

The moon is so high, I’ve got to sleep, there’s work tomorrow
So just one more song for you
A quiet good night
And so I hope you’re sweetly dreaming
I’ll talk to you tomorrow

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI