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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal


By Dana Lyons

She’s not singing, she’s staring in the fire
She does not answer, she does not move her eyes, she’s leaning
Much too close now, her hair is in the fire,
She does not hear my question, I see the full moon in her eyes

She says they’re
Calling me home now, calling me home now
To the ocean, I must go
Swimming in the dark, I hear them
Calling me home now, calling me home now
Home forever, home where I belong

In the city, sometimes she drives me crazy
She doesn’t belong there, the boxes are too small
She’s crying “Let me go now, let me go to the water
I love the cold cold water, I love the freedom of the night”

To the ocean, to that endless salty sea
Where the great swells of emotion rescue me
And the voices of some ancient century
Hold me closer, I’m so cold now, I was swimming
Toward the great great mystery

She gets up now and runs down to the water
I rise to follow, but she has slipped into the night, I’m calling
Out her name now, she does not hear my question
She does not speak this language
She’s swimming toward a different song

At the shoreline, I lift her from the water
I tell her I love her and carry her back home

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI