I Was Wrong


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Bob Conger: Drums
Mars Lindgren: Trombone
Carla Rutschman: Tuba


By Dana Lyons

She called me up, asked if she could come over
She was alone, wanted Thanksgiving dinner
My back was hurt, I was in a lousy mood and
I said no, then I felt bad about it
I called her back thinking nothing could go wrong
But I was wrong

She came right over, we ate the rutabaga
Gave me a back rub, she kept on looking better
Walked all night long under the interstate and
Then she stopped, asked me if I had a girlfriend
Soon we were kissing, I thought this was right
But I was wrong

Some days I am strong
Some days I am wrong

My brain checked out, I went onto autopilot
Wine and candles, making love till morning light and
Sleeping in, getting up and cooking breakfast
Do it again, soon it’s time for wine and candles
Six months go by, I’m thinking nothing could go wrong
But I was wrong

I should have known, it was a heavy omen
I dreamt the cow song the same day I would meet her parents
She told me to shave, ironed my one nice shirt and
Chew with your mouth closed, please don’t let them see you schmutzing
She washed my van and I thought it looked great
But I was wrong

Her folks were nice, we had a gourmet dinner
I was polite, trying hard to be a winner
Her Dad was smart, asked me how I made a living
Looking at my rusty van I said I was a folk musician
I thought it would help when I said I had no debt
But I was wrong

Then I went broke, I had to hustle up some
College gigs, to pay for all the wine and candles
We started to talk, commitment was a lengthy subject
We’d go for walks, commitment was a lengthy subject
She said we were meant together, I thought she was right
But I was wrong

Then we broke up, I was heartbroken for a
Year or so, then things started looking up and
I went to parties, hung out at the beach down under
I had no schedule, I was a happy camper
Romance can be crazy but I’ve learned my lessons well . . .

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI