I Saw Blood


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Lone Wolf Circles: Yashika Drum
Ted Schadler: Bass
Bob Conger: Drums
The Bop Cops (of the Jazz Police): Brass Section
James Rasmussen: Brass Arrangement
James Rasmussen: Trumpet
Dennis Haldane: Trumpet
Gordan Barrentine: Bass Clarinet
Dean Mochizuki: Tenor Sax
Bob Conger and Dean Evenson: Engineers


By Dana Lyons

I get up, I wash my face
I eat some toast I cannot taste
Get in my car and drive to work
The traffic here has gone berserk

But you know I dreamed that I saw blood upon my wall
I could be wrong, but I saw blood upon my wall

Go in the office and pick up the phone
To fill an order, I’m not alone
Computer screen says I’m alright
I won’t have to work tonight

The order’s filled, the trucks roll south
Down to the factory by the river’s mouth
The stream is dead, the sky is brown
Sometimes I think that we’re going down

Got a new car, got a new house
Got a new TV and I got a new spouse
I think of the past, I think of the land
I think of the violence I don’t understand

Oh yes the sun is shining down on me
And everything’s alright as far as I can see

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI