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I Am An Animal (live)


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
John Seed: Vocal


By Dana Lyons

I am an animal, you are an animal
We both are animals, we eat like animals
We dance like animals, we love like animals
We all are animals, we all are animals

The reptiles have some class
They slither about in the grass
They like it when the weather’s damp
They party deep in the swamp
They’ve got smooth and shiny scales
Long tongues and longer tails

The birds do it all with their beaks
They eat and they clean and they speak
Their wings take them high in the air
And who knows what they do up there
They’ve got dances that can’t be beat
With their feathers and rubber feet, tweet tweet

The insects have some pride
They wear their skeletons outside
They can live anywhere
Hot or cold they do not care
With antennas and many eyes
They eat, reproduce and they die

The mammals are a wild bunch
They eat each other for lunch
They’ve got fur as soft as silk
They feed their babies milk
They sing all the latest tunes
At night they howl at the moon

The fish dig a whole ‘nother scene
Their whole world is aquamarine
Some are thin and some are fat
Some of their faces are flat
They take trans-Atlantic trips
They do strange things with their lips

But let’s not forget the plants
The plants have so much fun
They don’t eat anyone
They just soak up the sun
They rub their branches in the breeze
Dandelions tickle the trees

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI