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Grandma’s Up in Heaven, Giving Hell to God


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Dana Lyons: Vocal
Steve Drizos: Drums
Adam East: Bass & Lead Electric Guitar
Casey Neill: Electric Guitar


By Dana Lyons

She was a red-haired beauty with big brown eyes
A straight-talking gal who didn’t know how to lie
And from the day she was born everybody knew who was in charge
They called her Rough House Rosy on the basketball court
A top-ranking center even though she was short
A bull in a china shop, living life large

She rarely cooked and she didn’t like to clean
If you messed with her family she could quickly get mean
And when the cops came around even they could see who made the law
She had a heart so tender and a love so deep
The tough matriarch of a big family
And we’re missing her today, remembering our ol’ Grandma

The family’s at the graveside, standing on the sod
Grandma’s up in heaven, giving hell to God

She taught me my addition and she laid down the rules
You stick by your family and you’re staying in school
Never trust the masses and be ready when it’s time to run
Your education is the only thing they can’t take away
You’ve got to be your own boss if you want steady pay
You’ve got to work hard, play hard, laugh hard and try to have fun

She always spoke her mind and said that Nixon’s a crook
She showed me where McCarthy made her hide all the books
And when the thumpers came around she would feed ‘em and talk off their ear
She taught us our morality and how to be proud
If you don’t want to be misunderstood, you’d better talk loud
And every day she’d have a little glass of bourbon, but she never drank beer

Well now she’s talking with the Big Guy and she’s holding his ear
She’s got a few pointers that He’s gonna hear
You’ve got the power of the universe, so what’s the delay?
It’s time to end poverty and stop all the wars
And when you’re done with that I’ve got a long list of chores
I’ve got a feeling that the Great Almighty’s gonna have a long day

Copyright 2006 by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI