Drying Tears


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Bob Packwood: Synthesizer


By Dana Lyons

From the cold blue, to the pale gray
Spreading orange, fire red
Melting yellows, rising whiteness
Fading colors, quiet blue

There’s a time in every era
When the rock tears flesh from the bone
Comes a wave of persecution
Driving people away from their homes

Comes the cold wind
Come the hard times
Come the generals
Comes the war

Closing bridges
Closing classrooms
Closing eyes
And closing doors

Burdened women
Bundled children
Bursting baggage
Tired men

Trudging roadways
Sailing long days
Leaving family
Leaving friends

Changing landscape
Changing language
Changing seasons
Mark the years

Leaving photos
Yellow clippings
Fading memories
Drying tears

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI