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Dead Ducks


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
John Seed: Vocal


By Darryl Cherney

Well I was walkin’ long the beach and came upon some ducks
A mother and her babies they were out of luck
Their beautiful feathers they were black and soiled
I realized to my horror they were covered in oil

Then I looked out on the ocean and to my dismay
An oil rig was drilling right there in the bay
And I turned to these poor little ducks half dead
And these are the words they said:

We’re all dead ducks (Quack Quack)
We’re all dead ducks (Quack Quack)
Cause if they put oil rigs off of the coast
Ain’t no one escaping the muck

We’re all dead ducks (Quack Quack)
We’re all dead ducks (Quack Quack)
It don’t matter if you’ve got a million bucks
Say we’re all gonna be dead ducks

Well I picked up a rag to wipe the oil away
But the ducks they died in my arms that day
So I called my congressman and said:
“Hey man, that oil, it’s something to dread”

It’s warming the planet with the greenhouse effect
And it spills in the ocean when their tankers wreck
But that congressman’s answer gave me quite a scare
He said, “We gotta drill and do our share”

Well now they’re conducting these seismic tests
Sonic booms under the water make the whales go deaf
So I went back to the beach and screamed into the night,
“Say if they wanna play dirty, let’s give ‘em a fight”

We’ll blockade their seismic boats at sea
And sue those bums into eternity
And in memory of those ducks who are dead
We’ll have that congressman’s head

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI