Three Legged Coyote
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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Casey Neill: National Guitar


Music by Dana Lyons
Lyrics by Dana Lyons & Mavis Muller

She says it’s me, and I say it’s her
She says it wasn’t, and I say it were
But I sense that she thinks that you cause it much of the time

She says it’s the weather, but I think it’s stress
She says it’s my back ache, but it’s her PMS
There’s an inkling life is stinking and we’re thinking there’s a big reason why

Right or wrong, good or bad, the rules will always change
It ain’t whether you win or lose, it’s how you place the blame

It’s probably our parents, I’m sure that it’s school
It might be the Church, or the chlorine in the pool
But somewhere there’s a reason for the feeling that we’re dealing with now

She says it’s the government, the ads on TV
I pointed out she didn’t vote and then we agreed
It was our neighbors from a foreign land whose teenagers that couldn’t behave

It could be the drinking that made me a mess
Or late in the Sixties, I took too much LDS
But then we thought the smoking and the toking and the boozing were fine

It might be the sugar in all of the snacks
And what they wrecked with Ritalin they fixed with Prozac
But lately I’ve been feeling that I’m almost present most of the time

Copyright 2004 by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brother Music, BMI