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Big Rolling Country


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
Steve Drizos: Drums
Adam East: Bass
Casey Neill: Electric Guitar and Baritone Guitar


By Dana Lyons

Hit the road at sunrise
Through the afternoon
Can’t drive here at nighttime
You’ll hit the kangaroo

And we go rolling
Got to keep on moving on
Through that big rolling country
Ever farther from my home

Cattle in the river
Cattle on the road
Cattle dead and bloated
Road train load is rolling
Got to keep on moving on
Through that big cattle country
Ever farther from my home

Deeper in the desert
Hear the dingo’s howl
Hundred miles to water
Hundred miles an hour

Chorus (through that big desert country)

I ask her why she’s leaving
She says “You’re never home
You’re always out there wandering
It’s the only home you know”

Johnny Cash and Orbison
Midnight Oil and Pride
Blasting on the tape deck
Take me to the other side

Chorus (through that big country country)

Barefoot on a red path
At the base of Uluru
Hear the ancients singing
And I recognize the tune

Chorus (through that big open country)

Copyright 2002 by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brother Music, BMI