Ride the Lawn (Autographed CD)


The world can be divided into two groups: Those Who Ride the Lawn,and The Slackers. You know which group you belong to . . . and which group your neighbor belongs to.

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The title track, “Ride the Lawn,” has been heard on National Public Radio’s Car Talk. This CD from 2004 has two comedy songs and a mix of love songs and ballads including “Chosen by My People,” which tells the story of a young Gwich’in Indian chief struggling to keep oil drilling out of the caribou calving grounds, to save the caribou that feeds his people.


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  1. Ride the Lawn (4:46)
  2. One Man’s Blunder (5:36)
  3.  John Parent’s House (3:26)
  4. Chosen by My People (5:32)
  5. I Was Wrong (5:45)
  6. Wild Happy Ride (3:38)
  7. The Only Time that Matters (5:33)
  8. Barefooted Strangers (5:48)
  9. Run Billy Run (4:38)
  10. Just Beyond the Wall (3:56)
  11. Fight for Your Mother (6:05)
  12. Berries Overgrown (4:12)