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Circle the World (Autographed CD)


Circle the World contains six stories told by Jane Goodall and six songs by Dana Lyons, including a song about Jane Goodall's United Nations project to encourage folks all over the world to celebrate world peace day (Sept 21) by making and carrying giant peace dove puppets in a huge global celebration of peace.

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Dana Lyons’ and Dr. Jane Goodall’s recent release, Circle the World, is a beautiful mix of Jane Goodall telling stories of chimpanzees and working for peace and environmental justice and Dana’s inspiring ballads. Dana met Dr. Goodall when she wrote an endorsement for his award-winning book The Tree. Dana performs regularly at Dr. Goodall’s youth activist program, Roots and Shoots. The title track, “Circle the World,” celebrates Dr. Goodall’s campaign to have folks all over the world parade with giant peace dove puppets on  United Nation’s World Peace Day, held yearly on September 21st.


(Click on song title to see lyrics and more info about the song.)

  1. Jo Jo (4:55)
  2. Just One Man (5:48)
  3. Peace Dove Story (2:20)
  4. Circle the World (3:55)
  5. Platt River Crane Dance (2:40)
  6. Prayer for This Land (5:44)
  7. David Greybeard and the Palm Nut (2:53)
  8. Magic (4:26)
  9. Satan & Sprout (2:15)
  10. Willie Says (4:50)
  11. Waterfall Story (2:31)
  12. The Tree (5:39)

United Nations Day of Peace

“On September 21st of every year, the United Nations Day of Peace, people around the globe express their desire for a world where war and violence are things of the past. The Giant Peace Dove puppets — flown by young people and the young-at-heart in cities, towns, and villages near and far — are a symbol and celebration of this yearning for peace. I hope you will join us on Peace Day to ‘fly’ a dove and make the very globe a canvas for peace. Let us give flight to our dreams for a better world.” —Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE Founder, Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace

“When I heard Dr. Jane Goodall describe her vision that one day there will be so many people carrying giant peace doves that one will be able to see them from space via satellite, I thought, that’s the wildest thing I’ve ever heard! I love it! We have to do it!

We will achieve peace some day. Our survival depends on it. It may take ten years, or 30 years or 341 years, but one day the global community will evolve into a sustainable culture that lives in peace, that respects all the world’s peoples and creatures. Holding a giant worldwide peace dove parade and celebration once a year will help remind us of our quest.” –Dana Lyons