The Great Coal Train Tour

Billings to Bellingham – Portland to Coos Bay

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Tour Overview

Singer Dana Lyons, best known for his comedy hit song “Cows With Guns,” will tour communities from Billings to Bellingham and from Portland to Coos Bay along the route of the proposed coal export trains. These trains (up to 50 additional 1.5-mile-long trains per day on the main corridor from Billings to Portland and 20 additional per day to Bellingham) would carry millions of tons of coal from Wyoming and Eastern Montana to west coast ports where it would be exported to China. Dana will perform a concert and give a short informational presentation on the effects of the proposed coal export trains.

Listen to “Sometimes” (The Coal Train Song)

The Community Benefit of the Coal Train Tour

People must have an accurate and detailed understanding of how the coal trains will affect their community to make informed decisions.  A performance and informational session with Dana Lyons is a fun and inspiring way to bring people up to speed on the issues related to the coal train. It’s our hope that this concert will be a catalyst for interested local folks to get and stay engaged through networking and discussion, long after Dana has packed up and moved to the next town.

About Dana Lyons

Dana in field singing

Dana Lyons, a lifetime recording artist and environmental educator, has a body of work extending well beyond his hit song “Cows With Guns.” He has eight albums, including Circle the World with Dr. Jane Goodall and and At Night They Howl at the Moon: Environmental Songs for Kids. Dana works with Dr. Goodall and her environmental group “Roots & Shoots.” He tours all over the world, raising awareness and money for numerous environmental and social injustice issues. His performances are fun, inspirational, and good for the whole family.

Hailing from Bellingham, Dana has toured throughout the affected coal train states of Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. You can see his videos and hear his music at

Book a Show in Your Town

We are currently booking the coal train tour. If you are in a community on or near the proposed coal train export route, contact us to book a show:

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