Artist: Dana Lyons
Release Date: 2-1-1988

About Album

Animal is Dana’s first full length album, released originally on vinyl in 1988. The Animal CD also includes Dana’s EP Our State is a Dumpsite (released 1985).

The Our State is A Dumpsite EP originally released on vinyl and cassette includes the following songs (included here at the end of Animal CD)
Our State is a Dumpsite
The Company’s Been Good To Me
The Stars Will Always Move
Drying Tears


1. RV 3:47
2. I Saw His Body 4:21
3. Music Off the Moonlight 3:27
4. Kevin's Song 4:57
5. Again 3:46
6. Building One in My City 5:04
7. I Am An Animal 3:39
8. OEO When Will the Work Be Done 3:11
9. Tell Me That You Want To Go 4:52
10. Timebomb 3:24
11. June is a Comin' 4:09
12. The Tree 4:52
13. The Company's Been Good To Me 4:54
14. The Stars Will Always Move 4:59
15. Drying Tears 3:19
16. Our State is a Dumpsite 3:18

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