Singing “Cows With Guns” to the Washington State Legislature

Dana with old friend, environmental leader, and now, State Representative Gerry Pollet.

My old friend and outstanding environmental leader Gerry Pollet was recently appointed to the Washington State Legislature. On his third day in the capitol, he overheard the chair of the Ways and Means Committee singing “Cows With Guns” as he was walking down the hall.

Gerry asked him how he knew the song and the chairman explained that “Cows With Guns” had become one of the theme songs for the Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives. At the end of every session when things were getting intense, they would sing “Cows With Guns.”

So Gerry invited me to go to Olympia and sing the tune for the house Democrats.

I don’t think I’ve ever received a warmer reception. Seven of the representatives immediately dragged out their iPhones and videoed me. I received a lengthy standing ovation along with an enthusiastic chorus of moos.

I’m happy to report there is good work going on in the Washington State Legislature. Later that evening I sang for a “Come Together” party for Democrats and Republicans, where we sang “Cows With Guns,” “Our State is a Dumpsite,” and “Swimmin’ in the Big.” A proud moment for American democracy.