The Great Salish Sea Tour

A Concert Tour for the Orcas
With Dana Lyons

Oregon, Washington & British Columbia

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Raising Awareness About Fossil Fuel Export
Through the Salish Sea and
Releasing Dana’s latest CD: The Great Salish Sea

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The Tour

Musician and environmental educator Dana Lyons will conduct a tour in 2015 and 2016 of the greater Salish Sea region traveling from as far north as Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii down to the Columbia River Gorge in the south. Dana will sing and speak outlining the proposed radical increase of oil, coal, and natural gas export through the Salish Sea, and the threat posed to the Salish Sea’s marine environment, our regional economy, and to us all.

Learn how the people of British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon are working to stop highly explosive oil trains, tar sands pipelines, toxic coal trains, and dangerous LNG liquid natural gas export, and what you can do to help.

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Dana Lyons: Musician & Environmental Educator

In 2012-13, Dana conducted The Great Coal Train Tour, performing 75 educational shows from Eastern Montana to Bellingham following the route of the proposed coal export trains. In 2014, Dana performed 15 shows with the Crude Awakening Oil Train Tour, raising awareness about the growing number of explosive oil export trains traveling through our communities. He has spent his thirty-year career touring to raise awareness for numerous environmental issues across North America and around the world. Dana is currently on tour releasing his ninth CD, The Great Salish Sea, in which the title track focuses on the effect of large ships on our region’s orcas. Listen HERE. Dana is best known for his musical comedies such as “Cows With Guns” and “Ride the Lawn. (Listen to Dana’s music here.)

Book a Show in Your Town

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We are currently booking the Great Salish Sea Tour, which will run from the present to the end of 2016. The tour encompasses a number of different types of shows:

  • Concerts and/or fundraisers set up by local environmental or neighborhood groups
  • Library and museum concerts
  • Concerts at places of worship
  • College and university concerts
  • House concerts