Dana Interviews Rich Hoeppner on How the People of Kauai Stopped the Super Ferry

Dana interviews Rich Hoeppner, who tells the story of how the people of Kauai (Hawaii, USA) organized and stopped the super ferry with 1,500 people blocking the dock and 200 people on surfboards and in small boats and canoes blockading the super ferry. This is an incredible story of small town America standing up to large corporate interests and the US military…and winning! Rich also sings “Surrender to Love” by Shawna Carol (also of Kauai).

Dana Interviews Paul Cienfuegos

Paul Cienfuegos, democracy activist, is interviewed by Dana Lyons at the capitol building in Olympia, Washington, during a Labor and Occupy Olympia rally. Paul discusses how corporations were given constitutional rights by corporate leaning supreme courts of the last 150 years, rights that are meant for people, not corporations. Paul Cienfuegos discusses how 130 towns and cities across the US have passed ordinances banning corporations from doing certain types of business (fracking, giant corporate hog farms etc). Paul also sings a song by “Sweet Honey and the Rock.”