One Man’s Blunder


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Dana Lyons: Guitar, Harmonica and Vocal
Bob Conger: Drums
Ted Schadler: Bass


By Dana Lyons

Now I watch the fire burn through my wall
It weren’t enough to shoot out all my windows
It weren’t enough to fan your tear gas billows
Through my happy home

We came out here so we could be alone
We came out here to practice our religion
My wife and I, we made it our decision
To make this our home

You set me up and said I had broke the law
You told the town that I was armed and dangerous
You leaned on me to spy upon my neighbors
And I turned you down

You can try to blame this on my hate
You can try to frame me in this violence
My boy is dead and my wife lies here dying
Right here in our home

Well you can lock me up, you can put me under
Cause I won’t live your way
You can tell the world that it’s one man’s blunder
But I’ll die free this day

I watched you burn them out down in Waco
I watched you bomb the Move House in Philadelphia
At Wounded Knee the women, men and children
Pinned down on their farm

I know that many folks don’t like my kind
I know that you don’t understand my grievance
But won’t you please just tell me one good reason
They fired on our home

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI