June is a Comin’


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Lead Vocal
Steve Anderson: Vocal Harmony
David Lange: Accordion
Dan Mohler: Bass


By Dana Lyons

The fall is the sunniest time of the year
And the mountains are clear every day
But November it brings home the clouds and the rain once again
December is many warm nights by the fire
Reading stories and sipping some beer
With the days growing longer, the end of the winter seems near

But sometime in March there’s a magical day
When the perfume of Springtime appears
And the flowers and trees of Seattle all bloom in the rain
It’s the time of the year that the money runs short
And the smell of the sea is so strong
When the boats are all painted, the fishermen soon will be gone

June is a comin’, the salmon are running
And I’ve got to be on my way
I don’t want to leave you my darling
But there’s so many more debts to pay
They say that the catch will be bigger this year
And we’ll all come home rich in the end
I don’t want to leave you my darling
But the nets will be loaded by dawn
June is a comin’ and I must be rolling along.

When I came home last fall we were married
And bought a small house seven blocks from the sound
She got a job as a waitress, I worked for a friend
At Christmas she told me she had a surprise
But I’d have to wait six months or so
I looked in her eyes and I wondered if I’d have to go

We sit by the fire and I strum my guitar
With my little boy singing to me
And it kills me to watch him and think I’ll be leaving again
So I look through the papers and call up my friends
But there isn’t enough work around
And I find myself walking the streets of a small fishing town

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI