Cows With Guns Album Cover

Cows with Guns (Autographed CD)


Released in 1996, Cows With Guns has some of Dana’s most loved songs on it. Besides the militant bovine tune Cows With Guns, it contains anthems My Country and Prayer for this Land. Willie Says, a song about a Lummi Indian elder, is one of Dana’s most covered songs (sung by others).

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  1. Cows With Guns (5:12)
  2. My Country (6:11)
  3. Prayer for This Land (5:44)
  4. If I Had Known (3:42)
  5. Song for Rod Coronado (5:36)
  6. Mermaid (5:34)
  7. Willie Says (5:18)
  8. Geronimo (4:59)
  9. Native Forest Song (4:51)
  10. Canyon (5:35)
  11. World in Silence (5:10)