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Willy the Wombat


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Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal
John Seed: Vocal


By Hanley/Oliver

Willy the Wombat got caught in a shower
And hung all his clothes out to dry
A cheeky blue birdy peeked out of his bower
And saw Willy’s things on the line

Willy the Wombat went picking some flowers
Down by the rapids and rocks
The cheeky blue birdy flew out of his tower
And stole Willy’s little blue socks

Willy the Wombat called Sergeant Goanna
Who straight away got on the case
Constable Possum ran through the lantana
And fell in the creek on his face

Sergeant Goanna said, “Tell me young Willy,
If what has been stolen is blue?”
“Yes,” said the wombat, “my sockses are missing”
And that gave the sergeant a clue

Deep in the woods near the rocks and the rapids
The bowerbirds make their display
And Sergeant Goanna and Willy the Wombat
Discovered a couple at play

Dancing and strutting around in the bower
Surrounded by items of blue
Pencils and matchboxes, sockses and flowers
And even a policeman or two

“Aha,” said the sergeant, “I think they’re the culprits”
The bowerbirds took off and flew
“It’s hard,” said the policeman, “There’s no right or wrong
When you do what you’re fashioned to do”

Willy the Wombat went home with the sergeant
And made him some peppermint tea
The bowerbirds danced in their little blue bower
And the crickets sang sweet harmony

Copyright by Dana Lyons
Lyons Brothers Music, BMI