Canada Geese


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  Dana Lyons: Guitar and Vocal Tim McHugh: Vocal Dean Evenson: Engineer


CANADA GEESE By Dana Lyons We live on the same street We live on the same street here in town Listening to the freeway Listening to the truckers shifting down And in the winter the cold rain comes pouring down And in the summer all the grasses turn to brown And in the springtime pretty flowers everywhere But in the fall the Canadian Geese, I can hear Playing on the pavement Watch the tennis ball roll through the cars Sitting on the front steps Through the city lights you see the stars And Canada is a place up north Where everything is green, so many geese to be seen That they fill the sky Sometimes you cannot see the sun And even though I’ve never been there, I know Cause it’s where the geese come from Copyright by Dana Lyons Lyons Brothers Music, BMI