Singing “Cows With Guns” to the Washington State Legislature

Dana with old friend, environmental leader, and now, State Representative Gerry Pollet.

My old friend and outstanding environmental leader Gerry Pollet was recently appointed to the Washington State Legislature. On his third day in the capitol, he overheard the chair of the Ways and Means Committee singing “Cows With Guns” as he was walking down the hall.

Gerry asked him how he knew the song and the chairman explained that “Cows With Guns” had become one of the theme songs for the Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives. At the end of every session when things were getting intense, they would sing “Cows With Guns.”

So Gerry invited me to go to Olympia and sing the tune for the house Democrats. Continue reading

Dana Interviews Captain Charles Moore About the Texas-Size Plastic Garbage Patch in the Pacific

Dana interviews oceanographer Captain Charles Moore, one of the leading voices concerning the huge Texas-size patch of plastic garbage gathering in the Pacific Ocean. Captain Moore discusses the sources of the plastic and what we as individuals and as a society must do to take responsibility for the plastic garbage we are creating, to begin the clean-up of the oceans. Captain Moore sings a sea shanty to close the interview.

Dana will appear with Captain Moore at the Blue Festival (Sustainable Oceans, Sustainable Futures) in Mount Vernon on May 12. See calendar below for details.

Dana Interviews Paul Cienfuegos

Paul Cienfuegos, democracy activist, is interviewed by Dana Lyons at the capitol building in Olympia, Washington, during a Labor and Occupy Olympia rally. Paul discusses how corporations were given constitutional rights by corporate leaning supreme courts of the last 150 years, rights that are meant for people, not corporations. Paul Cienfuegos discusses how 130 towns and cities across the US have passed ordinances banning corporations from doing certain types of business (fracking, giant corporate hog farms etc). Paul also sings a song by “Sweet Honey and the Rock.”

Dana Interviews Musician Jim Page

Dana Lyons interviews musician Jim Page (Seattle musician) at a Veterans for Peace sponsored performance at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center in Bellingham, WA. Jim discusses the Occupy Movement, how it might evolve through the upcoming winter and sings a new song “My Declaration”, as well as making up a song or two on the spot during the interview