Dana With Echidna (“Australian Porcupine”) in Western Australia

Dana with Echidna

A family traveling through Halls Creek, Western Australia was selling this large echidna for petrol (gas) money. They had caught it some 1000 km south near Alice Springs. They were asking $200 for it.  Some families in the region keep echidnas as pets, though this is illegal. I managed to talk them down to $50. My hosts gave it food and water, then released it into echidna habitat near Halls Creek.

Cane Toad Muster: Dana’s New Song and Music Video

Song available on iTunes. (Australian iTunes link)

The “Cows With Guns Guy” now brings you “Cane Toad Muster,” the story of the brave Australian people battling a ruthless invader, the cane toad.

The cane toad (originally from South America) was brought to Queensland, Australia by government bureaucrats (surprise, surprise) at the urging of the sugar cane industry. Instead of eating the beetles in the sugar cane, the cane toads ate everything else, and anything that ate them (goannas–large lizards, crocodiles, dogs, etc.) died, wiping out much of the large fauna across Australia.

But now in an amazing turnaround, the people of Australia are fighting back, using copious amounts of beer and a twisted new sport: “Cane Toad Muster.” Led by the outback cowboys of the eastern Kimberley (Kimberley Toad Busters:  http://www.canetoads.com.au), the cane toads are on the defensive. Will the cane toads prevail on eating all of Australia? Will the beer-swilling sports-rabid Aussies manage to make it off their sofas to battle back the cane toads? Stay tuned as this reality TV show involving an entire continent and at least 30 breweries unfolds. Cane Toad Muster!

Song and video available for download:

Video: http://cowswithguns.com/product/music-videos/cane-toad-muster-music-video/

Song (digital download): http://cowswithguns.com/product/digital-singles/cane-toad-muster/