Earn $$ for your group, business or favorite charity by becoming a Cows With Guns Affiliate

Have your visitors listen to Dana’s songs for free and earn cash!

Simply link to our website using a custom link which we will provide, and if someone buys a CD, t-shirt or anything else, you’ll get 10% of the sale…

How to It Works

Next you’ll need to figure out which page you’d like to link to on our site. The most popular choice is linking to a listening page where your visitors can listen to a song, read the lyrics and find out more information about the song for free. For example, if you wanted to link to “Cows With Guns” (the song), Katey would provide you with a custom link that would identify visitors coming to our site from yours.

We will give you some text and a small graphic that you might also include on your site (optional), or you can invent your way of posting the link. Just be sure to contact us FIRST for a custom link so that you will get credit for sales.

When people click into our site from your site, they will be able to browse around and if they decide to buy anything… you will get 10% of the sale.

It’s fun

Dana HuckshucksterThe content is whacky. Besides potentially making some extra money, you can provide your visitors with some entertaining content by linking to us…

More Info

People can listen to one of Dana’s comedy songs like “Cows With Guns,” “RV” or “Ride the Lawn.” Or you can link to one of his more serious songs like “The Tree” or “Turn of the Wrench.” You can link to songs that have some relevance to what your site is about or not. No matter where in the site you link, you will be providing your visitors some interesting and entertaining content while you are setting yourself up for some potential extra revenue.

It is good for your site’s traffic

On every page that you link to, we will post a back-link to your site. This could improve your overall traffic as well as Google rankings…

More Info

As a further incentive, on every page that you link to, we will post a link back to your website (back-link) at the bottom of the page. So if you link to the listening page for the song “Cows With Guns,” at the bottom of that page we will have a back-link to your website.

Payment info

We will mail you a check for your affiliate sales once per year (January) or when your commission hits $100, whichever comes first…

More Info

We will cut you a check for your affiliate sales once per year in January or when your commission hits $100, whichever comes first.  We are a small operation and we are attempting to keep our bookkeeping as simple as possible.

Sign Up

It is free to sign up and you can link to as many pages as you’d like…

The (Very Short) Process

Go ahead and browse the website. Figure out if you’d like to link to an individual song, a music video, the store, or any other page.

It is free to sign up. Please fill out the contact form below and Katey will get back to you via email to discuss which pages you’ve chosen. She will then send you custom links (and graphics) that you or your webmaster can use to link to us.

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